Losing Someone

Sometimes I hear the phrase "it takes a community to raise a child." And there are so many ways that I agree with that. Community is very important. To everyone. This past week I experienced a rather hard thing. Someone I know died. Their death was shocking and surprising. Mostly because it was unexpected. It … Continue reading Losing Someone

The Ball: a story of validation

I wanted to write about validation. I even wrote the whole post out. Then I realized how dark it felt. I realized I had tapped into all those negative feelings of invalidation that I have experienced. All the times I was told that I should not talk about the abuse or what happened were brought … Continue reading The Ball: a story of validation

The Dark: Forgetting

At the beginning of healing, when things were dark, I was afraid. There was a lot to be afraid of. There were the memories that flooded in as though they were happening. There was the undertow of depression that was waiting to draw me in and take me under into darkness. And there was the … Continue reading The Dark: Forgetting