The Earth Breathes

The Earth BreathesĀ I sat in the surf and let the water pass over meI felt the pull of the currentsAs they ebbed and flowedThe sand piled around mePlaced by the wavesI felt the breath of the earthIn each wave that moved over meBreathing me into its depthsReleasing the pressure in my heartĀ I felt the wind … Continue reading The Earth Breathes

The Ball: a story of validation

I wanted to write about validation. I even wrote the whole post out. Then I realized how dark it felt. I realized I had tapped into all those negative feelings of invalidation that I have experienced. All the times I was told that I should not talk about the abuse or what happened were brought … Continue reading The Ball: a story of validation

I am a recovering perfectionist.

It was not that long ago that my main goal in life was to be invisible. If no one saw me than the chances of getting judged, hurt, embarrassed or any other negative social encounter were minimized. This however,much to my disappointment, never worked. I am basically a friendly person and though I try to … Continue reading I am a recovering perfectionist.