My Daughter, My Hero

For the last few months I have been struggling. Struggling to write this blog. Struggling to find a peaceful place in my mind. Just struggling with everything. Then something began to change in my house. My daughter, who has been struggling with depression for a while started to do something different. She started to exercise. … Continue reading My Daughter, My Hero

Holiday Survival Through Exercise

Today I started to exercise. Very small amount. Don't want to over do it. I have started to do very basic stuff. Like walking up and down the stairs more. And pushups off the counter. And, I don't remember jumping jacks being that hard. As well as just moving more.The reason for this is because … Continue reading Holiday Survival Through Exercise

Exercise, the way to Happiness?

I have heard from many people, some actually know what they are talking about, that when you exercise you feel happier. I even know the science about this. The endorphins increase as you exercise and you feel happier. I know that this works because I have actually seen it work. Not in me, but other … Continue reading Exercise, the way to Happiness?