Avoiding the Dark Place

This has been a hard week. Disappointments and events that were very scary. All things that happened in the last few days. Good things have happened as well. But some of the things that happened were very hard. I called a couple of friends and we worked through some  of the problems. They gave me good ideas for coping and for making it through the day. Nothing huge just a lot of things that hit on triggers that send me on a journey into the dark place.

I try to avoid the dark place. Basically I go there when I am worried or when things seem to be going very much in the wrong direction.It is not a nice to place to visit. Let alone stay for an extended period of time. Today there were several things that happened that had me opening the door. Fortunately for me I was spotted by my best friend as I seemed to be heading toward that place. And an intervention ensued.

In our house an intervention of this sort usually involves hugs and someone saying that you seem to be headed in that direction. This makes you have to acknowledge that, yes indeed you are going in the wrong direction. Does this always work? No, not always. Sometimes it works really well and other times it is just a time for someone to sit with you.

Though I have been flirting with opening the door to the dark place today I have decided to keep it firmly shut. I might just look through the peek hole and see what is happening inside. Usually though it is too dark to be able to tell what is going on. Which is a good thing. Today is going to be a self care day. And I will spend it with friends and family doing things that bring me joy. Because the dark place is just too dark.





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