The sun is shinning!

I don’t suffer from SAD. I do however think that I am a solar panel. When I feel overwhelmed or just really down I go outside. There I stand with my face to the sun, spread my arms and breathe in the warmth. I stand there with my hands out, palms up and try to attract as much of the sun’s warmth as I can. That recharges me. Also makes me insanely sleepy but it recharges my brain.

Today I have had to wait all morning for the sun to come out. I sat outside yesterday and just soaked as much of it up as I could. And though it was only about 60 degrees it felt so much warmer. This afternoon I plan to go outside and sit in my spot and soak up as much of the sun as I can. My dog will probably come outside with me and try to soak up even more. And since he is a large black dog, he probably will. With luck my headache will go away and I will be filled with the promise of summer. Even though it does not even really feel like Spring yet.


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