Imaginary Worlds

Sometimes when I have a lot on my mind I talk to myself. If I am alone I will talk out loud to myself. Sometimes I think better when I hear they problem spoken out loud. Like those moments when you start to explain a problem to a friend only to figure out the answer half way through the explanation. And when I have something that requires me to bounce a lot of ideas around, I talk to Oprah. Actually I pretend to be interviewed. This way I can say the question or problem and then answer it. Just writing this makes me think I have truly lost it. But it works.

Once I engage my imagination I can figure out and understand most of the problems I am working on. And there is no way I look any stranger talking to myself as I drive down the road than the guy belting out a song in the next car. Besides, I am being way more productive.

While I was growing up my imagination kept me sane. When I was scared or nervous I could pretend to be someone who was brave and fought off monsters. Or the character from one of my favorite shows. I can not tell you how many times the Green Hornet and Cato came to my rescue ( this was the cool show with Bruce Lee as Cato). I remember hiding from a particularly scary person behind the couch thinking what would Captain Kirk do? You get the idea.

But now I pretend with my children. Not as much anymore as I used to when the older ones were young. But I think it is time. I have not had a lovely imaginary tea part in forever. Or gone for a walk to find the illusive pink T-Rex. I have been very fortunate to have children that like to pretend.Yes, I think a magic tea party is in order for tomorrow. Perhaps it will have to be fancy dress, you never can tell. And I know that I will feel much more relaxed after a nice cup of imaginary tea.

2 thoughts on “Imaginary Worlds

  1. I talk to myself a fair amount too – sometimes I talk things through with the cat šŸ™‚ An imaginary tea party sounds like just what you need šŸ˜‰

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