The Sky is Falling…

Over the years I have found that my brain has become very hardwired for disaster.I am not sure what the scientific studies have to say about it but I know what it feels like. And what it feels like is that sometimes when the little stuff comes around, it feels like the sky is falling.

There was a time when I did not understand what was going on. And sometimes I forget and let it get away from me. What I mean is that when I have a large crisis to deal with I can handle it just fine. But when the small stuff comes, I have no operating plan. I always thought that it was because all through my developmental years, basically from birth, I have had to live in life or death situations. So working out those types of issues are easier for me than the fact that I just got a flat tire. Or I am out of eggs and really need them for the recipe I am in the process of making.

This also comes into play when things get overwhelming or if sad or bad things happen. I can at times forget that it really is just a bad day and the sky is not falling in on me. But with all things it is a learning event. Remembering that it is just a flat tire and not the end of the world can sometimes be difficult. And that I do actually know how to change a tire and I do not have to panic. Or that it is just a sad day and not the beginnings of a great depressive event.

I think sometimes I make things big just so I can work the problem. It is easier for me to see the solution to a crisis than just a bad day. Luckily, I am noticing that happening a lot faster than I used to and head those scenarios off.

So, though this morning was not a great one I at least know that the sky is indeed not falling.

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