Walking on a dark path

Lately I have found myself walking that quiet dark path. I hate walking on this path. But sometimes when things become so stressful I find myself walking in the dark. So to find my way out I turn to friends. And usually to the very old and dear friend that has been with me forever.

And that friend is music. Music can change how I am feeling. I start with good stuff that captures my mood like the Counting Crows and then move to lighter music that gets me dancing in the kitchen. This elevates my mood for a little while.

Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. But I guess the important thing for me has been recognizing that I am depressed and then trying to work from there. And not try to keep pretending that everything is good.

But most important, more important than music is people. It is reaching out to friends and feeling them there in the darkness. Someone to listen to you, or read your facebook messages and let you know that, here in the dark you are not alone.

And it is reaching out to someone else, seeing past your pain to someone else in pain and holding out a hand to them. So, today as I am walking through a dark part I am grateful to those who have reached out to me and grasped my hand in the dark and held tight. Thank you! Kristen, Jamar, Michele, Felicia, Sandra…and all the others. Thanks

10 thoughts on “Walking on a dark path

  1. I have used music all my life as therapy, glad someone else does the same.Music is a really good out let, like you say crying your heart out to some, followed by a dance in the kitchen,pleased to know you,kindred spirit,love alex

  2. I send you a hug. Music doesn’t do it for me – though it helps me to get the housework done. (Dylan, Bob Marley). Talking to people helps usually, or exercise plus talking to close friends or my sister.

  3. There are certain songs that I hear that make me think of you and, they always make me smile! They bring back so many good memories……

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