Not passing it on

When we stand and decide that the violence stops with us we truly change the future. I wrote this poem as a way to express how I feel about mine and my children’s future.

There are rivers that flow

Each generation steps into the waters of their family

Waters of generations flow over and around each person.

For some the waters flow sparkling by

filled with love and contentment.

For some the waters flow inky black

filled with pain and sorrow passed from one generation to another

Ripping through them till the water runs dark from them as well.

But I will step into the waters

And I will stand strong

Casting stones to either side

Building a dam to hold back the dark water

Standing firm in the center

as the black waters assail me

Filtering it as best I can the water as it passes

So my children and grandchildren step into clean water

Water filled with love and laughter.

I will stand as a bulwark

And I will not yield.

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