Expressive Art 2

Due to the fact that I am not as fast with the computer at home due to having antiquated dial up Having a picture in the blog is taking me some difficulty.

I wanted to share this picture. This is my trauma quilt. I made this as my final project for my BA. What it is is a representation of my trauma and healing. It is a small picture so you can’t see all the details. In the center of the flower is inner strength. There is a flower with a Chrysalis on it and some emerging butterflies. The petals of the flower all represent traumatic events. The vines coming off of the petals all have something written on them. I wrote all the various symptoms of my PTSD. The butterflies represent the healing. Written on each butterfly is something that helps me. Some of those things are prayer, family, meditation and chocolate shows up twice.

Making this quilt was a huge moment of healing for me. It told stories that I had never told before. Other than at the college I have not displayed it. So this is its otherwise maiden voyage. Later I will post close up pictures of it.

Art is an amazing avenue toward healing. Through art things that I cloud not say came through in beautiful healing colors.

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