Lost in the Woods?

There are two things that I have found that I can do when I am lost in the woods of depression. I can wander around looking at the trees and wondering if I will ever be found. Wondering if somewhere in the woods there is a rescue party out to find me. Or…

I can look around and see what else I can do. Have you ever noticed how many people there are in the world wandering around lost in the woods? Well there are a lot of us. And some are just here because they are lonely or lost in the mire of the their lives. There are ways to be your own recuse party.

Reaching out to others and helping them, helps you. Smiling at people, though insanely difficult when you can barely think about how to breathe, will actually help put a smile on your face. Or at the least less tears. Look around. Don’t let yourself get so lost in the woods that you cannot find your way.

I have done that and it is not fun. It is scary. The deeper into those woods you go the farther you have to walk out. The other thing that is important in the community is to just say to a trusted friend that you are lost that far into the woods. They can help you. You can walk out of there and it is always nicer to have someone hold your hand.

The biggest and most important thing to remember is we are not alone. There is always, always, someone to help. And everything is easier when the load is shared. Be there for someone if you can.

There was a time when I had to take my son to the doctors a long distance from my house. I was so stressed out from my own issues and from helping him. My husband and I left for the two hour drive to the appointment. Spent one hour there and drove the two hours home. We were tired. When we got home we found a surprise. A couple of friends had come by and cleaned the kitchen, washed all the dishes, and had supper in the oven for us. It was amazing that someone cared about us that much to do that for us

It lightened my load. And cheered me. I have in return done things like that for others. It lightened their load to have someone show up with a meal and a smile when  they needed it. As we go into the holidays the level of depression goes up for some people. If that is you then find a buddy to spend the time with. If that is not you then find someone who needs you. When we reach out to those lost in the woods we feel better. Maybe not completely, but we do feel better.

So, find some community in the people around you, your family, your friends and reach out to them. Think outside yourself. I did writing this and my day, which was very dark, has gotten a lot lighter.

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