Safety is something that should never be discounted. Feeling safe has been a very integral part of healing. When I am  unable to do something because I am afraid or the situation triggers panic for me I stop and try to see how to change it. I have learned that I am a triangle peg living in a round hole world. I am way beyond the average square peg. I have found that the easiest way for me to get through things is  that whenever possible to take out the hack saw and make the hole fit me.

This does not mean I go around insisting that the world fit me and everyone has to accommodate me. I try to fix it the best I can with out terribly inconveniencing anyone. I look at the picture and see what I can change. For example: I have a cell phone that I use just for me. I don’t give out the number but I use it to call home or so home can reach me. That way if I start to panic I can call home and hear a familiar voice that helps to soothe the fear. It also helps with my eternal fear of the car breaking down. This fear alone has kept me from driving very far. But that is another story.

I have also instituted the program of “safety buddy” into my life. I think that right along with service animals there should be a safety buddy program available to everyone. A safety buddy is just a friend that agrees to go with me and be there for moral support. Because I am afraid to do something.And that fear goes beyond the basic feeling of being just afraid. This is the type that precedes the big panic attacks.

For instance, I cannot be in crowds for very long before my head starts to feel like a hive of bees has been released in it, my heart rate starts to climb and I have trouble seeing. Thus if I have to go somewhere where there will be lots of people I take a safety buddy. They have the responsibility of getting me out if I cannot. Or just talking me through it if I stat to panic. I have been doing a lot more without safety buddies over the past few years. But their kindness in accompanying me has not gone unnoticed. Everyone needs a safety buddy.

So if you know someone that could use a safety buddy or you need a safety buddy there is no shame in reaching out. I have found that there has always been a hand to grasp mine. Even from unexpected places. And sometimes being a safety buddy has been, for me, a growing and rewarding experience.

Safety should never be overrated.


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