Exercise, the way to Happiness?

I have heard from many people, some actually know what they are talking about, that when you exercise you feel happier. I even know the science about this. The endorphins increase as you exercise and you feel happier. I know that this works because I have actually seen it work. Not in me, but other people.

You see, here is the problem, I am depressed and there for apathetic. So I get the whole plan to exercise down. And then I feel depressed and can’t get out of bed to exercise. I do sometimes go for walks with my husband and talk. Then I feel great. So I guess I have experienced those endorphins. But maintaining that momentum is not easy.

And that is why I have decided that I want to do Yoga. Notice that I have said want to do Yoga and not that I am actually planning to start doing yoga. I am trying to sneak up on the depression and start doing yoga. I will of course be doing this at home, with a video. Because I cannot commit to going to class. I know that people say that by committing to go you are more likely to go. But it just gives me one more person to hide from until they forget I was supposed to be in their class. This time I am going to go solo. I hope.

Which brings me to my next thought about yoga. Why can’t they have a somewhat overweight and uncoordinated person as the student. That way I can see what I look like and how to fix the position. Nothing says intimidating like a peppy yoga instructor. (Except for Jessie Lucas, she is an awesome yoga instruct who would get my butt into class. But fortunately for me lives to far away.)

Today I have decided to watch the yoga video. I will commit to doing it later.

4 thoughts on “Exercise, the way to Happiness?

  1. Yoga is really great at helping me to feel calm. But I know it’s hard when you’re depressed to get yourself to start something. Maybe if you’re finding it tricky to commit you could gradually lead up to it, perhaps by doing very short breathing exercises – just start off doing a minute or two and see how you feel. Or perhaps just watch your video and pick a pose that doesn’t seem too challenging, and just do that one. Take care and good luck 🙂

  2. I bought a “10 minute solution” Yoga video that I really like. I still don’t DO it regularly, haven’t done it in years actually. But it’s a great one. She is peppy and all that but most yoga instructors are, especially in videos. But I get where you’re coming from. Everything seems to be burying me right now. I wish I could run but running and pregnancy just doesn’t work for me.

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